Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What I learned in MWH

This year in MWH I learned a multitude of things. Ranging from how to write a research paper, to how to use chicago citations properly. But most of all, I learned about nations all of the world in every kind of situation. I enjoyed most of the units and feel that every time we learned about a new country we found that within that culture there were thousands of things. And within those were thousands more. There was so much information to learn and so little time to learn it all. But when reflecting on the course, I feel that it was a strong learning experience that brought communal learning and modern world history together. Whether it was our in class discussions, or our powerpoint presentations, or even Robespierre and Napoleon trials, everyone was learning thousands of new bits of information everyday that collectively made this a fun year.


  1. I also really enjoyed the trial of Robespierre and Napoleon. I cant imagine a way that i would have become mroe involved with history and it led me to due some of my most in depth research. The trials were just two examples of many of how any event in history has two sides to it with valid arguments.

  2. I thought that the world fair exhibition was really fun because we were able to see what everyone came up with and we could see what was going on from all sorts of places during a certain time period. It let us see and learn about different places in a somewhat interactive way which is good to change it up sometimes.

  3. Yes, the open ended projects were definately the highlight of the year, because it gave us the freedom to investigate whatever we found genuinely interesting. Even more so, when we worked in groups, we could split up the work in a way that everyone was happy with their part of the assignment.