Friday, May 7, 2010

McDonald's Points

McDonald's has changed culture in Asia. It has changed the appetite of young people who normally only eat main meals, now go to McDonald's as a snack meal and increase their meat intake.

McDonald's is also changing the way people in Asia order food. Normally, one person would order for the entire group. Now, each individual orders their own meal.

McDonald's has also played a huge role in people'd health in the United States. It and other fast food restaurants have been a hue contributor to obesity. 60% of Americans are now overweight or obese.

The New York Times reported that 3 new Mcdonald's come up every day.

McDonald's spends $2 Billion a year in advertising.


  1. If McDonald's continues to take over the other countries, wont they have an obesity issue like the US does? It is a shame that a fast food restaurant is essentially destroying a culture so big, and will continue to change the Asian culture.

  2. McDonald's is another example of westernization in Asia. Do you know that North Korea's President has Big Mac's flown into North Korea for him? My cousin just won the Ronald McDonald scholarship award for the Bay Area. She was awarded $1,000.00 by McDonald corporation and franchise owners. They gave 125 of those scholarships just in the Bay Area. They give back to the community.

  3. Wow 3 a day! That is a crazy growth rate for this franchise. Although a lot of people see a connection between Mc Donald's and obesity, i dont see it. It is a persons choice as to what they eat, and no one forces Mc Donalds down the throats of these people. It is all about moderation, and its more a metal problem than the food itself. I do believe that Mc Donald's does help people. For example they have the Ronald Mc Donald house charities, and I just now found out about those scholarships by reading Cal's post.

  4. Kaitlin, you are probably correct. Many Asian Americans who immigrated to the united states throughout the 20th century underwent drastic diet changes, and as a result there were many negative health effects. Something similar would theoretically occur if we suddenly start implementing unhealthy, fast food into a people's diet when they aren't in the slightest bit used to it, or knowledgeable of its health effects.