Thursday, May 6, 2010

5 intersting facts

So far i've decided that my essay will look at the fate of children in Cambodia, and a how the Khmer Rouge affected what happens to the youth in Cambodia. The main source of income in Cambodia come from agriculture, specifically rice farming. Families become desperate if crop fails, which is a main cause of the rising human trafficking in Cambodia. Sweatshops also employ many people. WIth these job options facing Cambodia's youth, Dancing Across BOrders provides hope to children there.
-The Movie Dancing Across Borders is about a boy named Sy (rhymes with we) who rises out of Cambodia and becomes a professional dancer in a ballet troupe in America
-Every year over 800,000 children are sold into the world of human trafficking
-due to lack of government and religious authority in cambodia, brothels are extremely common
-There are little laws in America regarding human trafficking, since it is relatively new in U.S.
-Demi Moore has started an international campaign and recently visited Cambodia
-New York Times journalist Nicholas Krisstoff traveled to Cambodia to report about the conditions, found that many children are involved and that possible solutions would be to have better education for girls world-wide to give them better job opportunities
-EVen after Khmer Rouge rule over Cambodia, over 70% of the population are rice farmers, making the whole country totally dependent on the irregular enviornment

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