Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This year in MWH

This year in MWH I increased my researching skills by a ton. When asked to research something now I can easily do it without a problem. I believe that the blogs helped a ton when it came to research, because they asked for us to do research. It was a fun way of researching. At the end of the semester when we were asked to write a research essay I felt a lot more comfortable than when I was asked to do this for the first semester. It is really obvious that my research skills have improved because I did better on the second essay. The research paper also didn't seem to take for ever to write, the way it does in most cases. This is a really good skill that will help me in the future for US history, and it also may help for other classes.

Blog comment to Kaitlin

Kaitlin: Also do most of the people planting Opium do it just for the money, or is it for other reasons as well
Answer : No, the farmers don't do it as much for the money as one might believe. The amount of money that these farmers get is very small. The middle men who sell the Opium in Europe and the US as heroin, are the ones that end up getting most of the money from the Opium. The Afghanistan Farmers only get enough money to feed their families. It is really sad that they have to plant such a harmful drug just to feed their families. Another reason for them planting this drug is that many of the farmers use the money to pay for the education of their children. Without the help of the Opium, the children will most likely end up in the cycle of Opium cultivation. So once again, the answer is no.

What i have learned this year

I think the most interesting thing that i learned this year was about World War I. I remember asking my parents a couple years ago how that war started and they had no idea. After looking into it myself, i learned that the only war not represented in the National Mall is World War I. I think that just because we entered the war late, does not mean that we should not pay tribute to the thousands of soldiers that lost their lives. It was a terrible war, not just for Europe but for the whole world. It was a one of the first wars of attrition and for that reason i think that it should be one of the most well known wars. Everyone seems to pay much more attention to World War II because of AMerica's role in it, but i think that people should learn more about WWI. It was intersting to learn how with just one assasination, all of Europe was involved with a 5 year war that led to the lost generation in many countries. Italy switched sides last minute from the central powers to the allies, something that i think shows their disloyalty to allies. Many terrible things happened in WWI, including a small pox epidemic in America.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Monterey Bay Aquarium robot sub used in oil spill

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A robot from the Monterey Bay Aquarium's research center has begun operating in the Gulf of Mexico to assist in the oil spill. The submarine robot is named the Dorado. It's job is to help analyze the extent of the spill by monitoring the undersea currents and it's ability to carry the dense oil. It is also collecting samples of marine life to help scientist determine the extent of damage the spill has on the marine life. The Dorado has artificial intelligence software aboard to help decide where to seek and what to sample. It can dive to 5,000 feet. Pretty cool stuff from Monterey.

SF Chronicle
David Perlman

State and local budget deficits affecting motorists

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The state and city budget deficits are really taking a toll on California drivers. Literally. The Golden Gate Bridge is now going to charge a $3.00 toll for Carpools. It used to be free. Parking tickets in San Francisco have increased substantially and even the parking meters have extended hours till 10 PM. It used to be 6 PM. The bridge district's board of directors on Friday voted unanimously, to charge tolls to carpoolers not only on the Golden Gate Bridge, but all 7 bridges. It is all about balancing the budget. Regular toll on all bridges will go from $4.00 to $5.oo on July 1st.

SF Chronicle 5/29/10

Unbelievable Politicians

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It is amazing. When we had sky high oil and gas prices, the Republicans wanted off shore drilling. They blamed our oil dependency on the Arab nations. Their mantra was "Drill, baby, Drill". In the wake of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the two Gugernatorial candidates, Steve Poizner and Meg Whitman have both backed off on American off shore drilling. I read that when Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer werre running for their respective offices, they were against nucleur power plants because of Chenobyl. After our gas price hikes reached their peaks a couple of years ago, both candidates were in favor of more nucleur power. Politians swing with the wind.

SF Chronicle 5/29/10
Google/Red, Green and Blue Alex Felsinger 3/20/09

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

5 interesting things

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1. The police in Arizona have the right to detain anyone they suspect are in this country illegally. I believe that if people break the law, they must be accountable. Being in this country without a citizenship, passport, or visa, is illegal.

2. Being arrested/detained because of racial profilling is unconstitutional. I believe that just the fact that someone is of a certain race is not enough grounds to arrest or detain someone. That is unconstitutional. But, if racial profiling is just one of many facts that lead authorities to suspect someone, then I am ok with the detention. Ex. (no English language, wearing an apron coming out from the service entrance of a restaurant, and being hispanic in Arizona.) That is enough information to suspect that they may be in this country illegally.

3. President Obama believes that the immigration law in Arizona is unconstitutional. Why does he not penalize business's that employ illegal immigrants with a huge fine. Then business's will not take the chance of hiring illegals. With no jobs available, people who do not have the right to be in this country will no longer come here just to work because there will be no jobs.

4. If you are arrested, your fnger prints are now automatically sent to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency. Over 169 counties in the US are now doing this. I think this will increase the deportation of illegals.

5. State Attorney Jerry Brown believes that San Francisco should be amoung the 169 counties. I agree.

SF Chronicle
Associated Press 5/26/10
Yahoo news 5/20/10

What I learned in World History

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There were many things that I learned in this year's class. The most important was probably the ability to do research. I read articles in both print and on-line. I learned the power of the internet and it's ability to provide information. All kinds of information. I actually saw the progression of the human race thru history. I learned that different cultures exists in different parts of the world but that they all had many things in common. I learned that history tells the story of why we are what we are today. It is a roadmap of the past to the present. It was fun to learn how things come to be. I really never thought about it much until I started reading our assignments. I actually enjoyed modern history more than I did about history from long ago. So many wars.

What I learned in MWH

This year in MWH I learned a multitude of things. Ranging from how to write a research paper, to how to use chicago citations properly. But most of all, I learned about nations all of the world in every kind of situation. I enjoyed most of the units and feel that every time we learned about a new country we found that within that culture there were thousands of things. And within those were thousands more. There was so much information to learn and so little time to learn it all. But when reflecting on the course, I feel that it was a strong learning experience that brought communal learning and modern world history together. Whether it was our in class discussions, or our powerpoint presentations, or even Robespierre and Napoleon trials, everyone was learning thousands of new bits of information everyday that collectively made this a fun year.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Extra credit blog

This year in Modern World History I feel like I learned a ton. I really enjoyed the format of the class and the way we learned things. I liked making presentations and doing blogs, because it was more refreshing than just memorizing dates and names for tests. This was a better way to learn in my opinion and I will remember the concepts much more. We learned a really wide variety of things about different countries and time periods, which made the class surprisingly interesting. Two main things that I learned that I thought were really fun to learn were the two things I studied in my research papers: German U boats, and nuclear power. I really liked looking deeper into both topics because they were both really fascinating to learn about because they both played larger roles in history than one would think. After a few weeks of deep research I felt like i truly understood each topic deeply which was a really cool feeling to have.

MWH Extra Credit Blog

This year in Modern World History I learned numerous amounts of concepts that will benefit me throughout my life. Some of the major ideas that I am going to remember for a very long time is the Industrial Revolution and the amazing machines that came with it. The Industrial Revolution as a whole was thrilling to hear about and how it really started a new era. The machines that were manufactured during the Industrial Revolution are still used today and if we had not had this industrial boom, we would not be like how we are today. I still am amazed by the way they put on a Great Exhibition in order to show off the outstanding pieces of machinery. People from all over the world came to see the Great Exhibition, which means the Industrial Revoultion affected not only France, but the entire world. Furthermore, I was really surprised about how much France impacted the United States when it came to technology.

"This Year in MWH I..."

learned a lot. I really enjoyed the blog and the new ways we were sort of learning. We sort of had to teach a lot of information and sort be able to explain it rather than just regurgitate it on tests. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this period of history, I guess it just felt more relevant to the world we live in now or something. I just had more fun learning and I was actually interested in what we were learning. I am really surprised at how quickly it went by. This class has definitely taught me how to make connections with history, how to use articles and facts to strengthen my arguments in my writing. I'm definitely gonna miss our class next year. Ms. Xia you should teach RUSH and APUSH next year!

This year in MWH...

I learned about geography as something I think I should remember for the rest of my life. I may not remember exactly where the Ottoman and Mughal empires where and when but I will no the general area and where other events where located. I never learned much about geography and where places were or even the general area they were in. Now I know what is around Latin America and Asia.

This year I learned about blogging. I learned about the different ways you can blog like investigate or research more about a topic to explore and connect by tracing something new back to something else we had learned or a personal experience. I feel like I have learned about how to reflect in a more analytical way rather than just summarizing. I looked at my first couple blog posts and they were all mostly summarizing what I had researched or they talked a little about what I thought about the situation. Now, I feel like I can talk in more depth and respond to other people's posts in a more reflective manor. This obviously is partially because I have more background knowledge because I have learned about many different cultures, areas, and time periods over the course of the year. I really like how blogs let you participate so you can get participation in class but you can say it outside of class. For example, if we are having a conversation about something and everyone is participating, then sometimes it is hard to get your opinion in. But with blogging, I could share my opinion and be able to reflect on what others had said without having to try to speak up in class. Also it gives you time to think about what others have said and so you have more time to respond rather than on the spot in class. I was surprised by how much freedom blogging provided. I found the text hard to read at some points, but for homework I could talk about the discussion in class rather than trying to comprehend the text and then saying something weird because I didn't get it.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Extra Credit Blog

This year in MWH I learned a lot of different aspects of the world, and what different cultures and countries go by. I learned a lot about nationalism and how each country presents their aspects differently. I think the biggest and most important thing i learned this year was geography. Now I know where a lot more countries are on the map, before im not going to lie but i barley knew where any places were. This will be important for the rest of my life and when I start traveling more. I learned a few new study skills, and a lot of writing research papers. The final research paper we wrote really made me think hard about what i was talking about and what needed to be researched. I also learned how to crank out a good thesis statement and find decent research to help me back up my points. These skills will come in handy next year during US history. I loved our class this year and will remember XIA D block Modern World History Class forever WOOOOOO!!!

Hillary Clinton condemns North Korea

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Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton said that the United States would not allow North Korea's attack on a South Korean's warship to go "unanswered". Together with Japan's Foriegn Minister, Hillary Clinton said that both the US and Japan will push to have an international response to North Korea instead of just a regional response. The attack occured on March 26th and this is Clinton's first public response. The US and Japan waited until the evidence was clear that North Korea was behind the attack. Clinton's quote, "I think it is important to send a clear message to North Korea that provacative actions have consequences", is a committment on the US's part that action will be taken. Forty six South Koreans died in the attack. Clinto will take he matter to the UN Security Council for punitive action.

Source: SF Chronicle 5/22/10

The NUMMI plant

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search- Cite your source as best you can.Away!

This week Toyota Motor Corp and Tesla Motors struck a surprise deal to re-open the NUMMI plant in Fremont. For the last 25 years, Toyota and General Motors were partners in producing cars at the Fremont plant. The new partnership between Tesla and Toyota bears no resemblence to the GM/Toyota partnership. It will be a Tesla manufacturing facility with no reference to Toyota. Tesla is a small, 5 year old, Palo Alto company that produces electric cars. Toyota is an international conglomorate that knows how to build cars on a large scale. A perfect partner for Tesla. NUMMI stands for New United Motors Manufacturing Inc.

source: SF Chronicle 5/22/10

Thursday, May 20, 2010

President Obama speaks out against Arizona law

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Together with Mexican President Felipe Calderon, President Obama spoke out against the Arizona immigration law. The President said that the law had the "potential to be applied in a discriminatory fashion". That means, arresting potential illegal immigrants just becasue of their nationality is unconstitutional. President Calderon called the law discrimenitory. He promised to work with the US to resolve the issue. Supportors of the law say that if you are in the US illegally, you are breaking the law.

SF Chronicle/Hearst Washington Bureau 5/20/10

South Korea promises "stern action" against North Korea

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South Korea has confirmed that it was a North Korea torpedo that sank the South Korean naval warship back in March. The ambush killed 46 South Korean sailors. It has taken until now to prove that it was indeed a North Korean torpedo. It was a multi-national investigation. The President of South Korea, Lee Myug-bak, vowed "stern action" against the North. The North claimed the investigation results were fabricated and that any retailiation would trigger war.

The US called the sinking of the South Korean naval ship an unacceptable act of aggression. US and South Korean officials are considering their retailatory options.

SF Chronicle/AP 5/20/10

My Uncle Yo

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My Uncle Yo passed away last weekend. He was very important to me and I will miss him. He was a Japanese American that was interned during WW11. He then went on to fight for the US in the Korean War. After the war he went to work at the Berkeley/Livermore Lab at UC Berkeley where he was a mechanical designer. Although at the time he did not know it, he worked for years on developing the nuclear bomb that eventually was dropped on Japan. I find his life and career very ironic. He was a part of history in many ways.

Yum, Curry

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This weekend I went to eat curry at a Tai restaurant, a Japanese restaurant, a Chinese restaurant and an Indian restaurant. I love curry, but was curious about how so many cultures use the same food ingredient, and yet, there are continents and oceans that separate each ethnicity. How did it come to be that curry is used by so many different cultures. The one thing that they all have in common is that they are all eaten with rice. It is a food staple that is comfort food for the poorer class of citizen and is predictably in 3rd world countries. It is cheap and can be mixed with inexpensive vegetables and meats. An affordable meal.