Wednesday, May 26, 2010

5 interesting things

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1. The police in Arizona have the right to detain anyone they suspect are in this country illegally. I believe that if people break the law, they must be accountable. Being in this country without a citizenship, passport, or visa, is illegal.

2. Being arrested/detained because of racial profilling is unconstitutional. I believe that just the fact that someone is of a certain race is not enough grounds to arrest or detain someone. That is unconstitutional. But, if racial profiling is just one of many facts that lead authorities to suspect someone, then I am ok with the detention. Ex. (no English language, wearing an apron coming out from the service entrance of a restaurant, and being hispanic in Arizona.) That is enough information to suspect that they may be in this country illegally.

3. President Obama believes that the immigration law in Arizona is unconstitutional. Why does he not penalize business's that employ illegal immigrants with a huge fine. Then business's will not take the chance of hiring illegals. With no jobs available, people who do not have the right to be in this country will no longer come here just to work because there will be no jobs.

4. If you are arrested, your fnger prints are now automatically sent to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency. Over 169 counties in the US are now doing this. I think this will increase the deportation of illegals.

5. State Attorney Jerry Brown believes that San Francisco should be amoung the 169 counties. I agree.

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  1. As a response to your first point, dont you think that giving police that kind of authority is an invasion of our 4th ammendment right to privacy? I think that racial profiling is something that should not be allowed no matter what the circumstances. Of course illegal immigrants in Arizona is a problem, but i think other ways that are less invasive should be used.

  2. I actually disagree with you Marjory, I think that the premise of illegal immigrants within Arizona is technically a good thing. I just ask that they are fairly given papers from the government. A large percentage of work that is done in Arizona is done by illegal immigrants that are transported over the border daily. I've even met some when I was traveling down there years ago, and found that companies like Dole use immigrants for most of their labor. It's just unfortunate that most of them are payed poorly because they are not U.S. Citizens.

  3. Although in theory the point you made on number 3 would work, in reality it wouldn't. As for businesses getting fined for hiring illegals, they already are being fined, and this hasn't really resolved anything. Business owners want whatever costs their business the least amount of money and paying people under minimum wage is the way to go for them. It is really sad that these human beings work really hard and long hours, and get paid very little.

  4. I honestly don't have a problem with illegal immigrants. They are the most hardworking people in this country, because they do all of the jobs that people don't want to do here, so that they can support their family and possibly have a better life. I think that the law is unethical, because it will only spread racial profiling and racism.

  5. I don't have a problem with illegal immigrants either. The government stole these lands from the Native Americans to begin with, so who are they to claim it as their own. Also, racial profiling is an evil.

  6. I disagree with number 2. I think that this law is really destructive and could really hurt our relations with other countries and cultures. We can't go around picking people off the street just because we think they look illegal or maybe even because we are racist enough to pass a law just so we can arrest or detain people that we don't like. How would you feel if you were walking down the street in the state where you were born and all of the sudden you are taken into custody simply because you look ethnic? This law is completely unfair.