Saturday, May 8, 2010

5 Interesting Things

1) Madonna adopted a child from Malawi 3 years prior to today and she able to adopt the baby with no "adoption requirements." I thought it was interesting how now she has to go by the requirements, as if she was a normal person trying to adopt from Malawi.

2) I also found it interesting how the people of Malawi didn't want to give their baby to Madonna even though the baby would have an easier and better time growing up in the United States.

3) Another thing I found interesting was how Madonna was really stuck on getting a baby from Malawi and not any other African country.

4) Madonna as a multi-millionaire is building a $15 million dollar academy for girls and boys in Malawi. I found it interesting and sincere that Madonna would start an organization that costs her millions of dollars, to give these young kids education.

5) Madonna knew she was going to beat the adoption agency in Malawi because she is "white" which is why she followed through with the trial.


  1. Shouldn't Madonna have to go by the adoption requirements? She is a human, just like everyone else going through the adoption process the only difference is that she has a lot of money. But if someone with a lot more money than Madonna just not famous was trying to adopt, they would have to go through the same process wouldn't they? WHy was Madonna set on only adopting a baby from Malawi?

  2. Your last interesting fact makes Madonna seem like a racist. What life will this baby have if Madonna is racist towards the race that her very child is?

  3. Madonna or Angelina Jolie. Do actresses and singers adopt children because they do not have time to go thru the entire birthing cycle. I hope it is not because they do not want to ruin their figures.

  4. It could be because of that, Cal, or because they want to improve their image by appearing to be more humanitarian, or they could actually have some other reason to do this. Having said this, I don't like to speculate or unfairly judge the lives of others, especially celebrities. They get enough harsh, unfair, and biased criticism without me adding to it.