Thursday, May 20, 2010

President Obama speaks out against Arizona law

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Together with Mexican President Felipe Calderon, President Obama spoke out against the Arizona immigration law. The President said that the law had the "potential to be applied in a discriminatory fashion". That means, arresting potential illegal immigrants just becasue of their nationality is unconstitutional. President Calderon called the law discrimenitory. He promised to work with the US to resolve the issue. Supportors of the law say that if you are in the US illegally, you are breaking the law.

SF Chronicle/Hearst Washington Bureau 5/20/10


  1. Recently I was conversing about this article because East Palo Alto had a protest not too long ago about this law. The law would give the cops in EPA the right to discriminate and force citizens to either pay a fine, spend a night in jail, or even worse, get deported. Under the law, a citizen would need to have their papers on them during the interrogation, because if not, they could easily be arrested as an illegal alien. I personally find the law discriminatory, and an outrage to anyone who as either been born a citizen or has worked hard to become one.

  2. I think this law is similar to the Patriot Act passed under George W Bush. It also leads me back to my previous comment that just because something may seem suspicious to an officer this should not give them a right to invade a persons privacy. From here is could be argued that just because a person's house might be in a sketchy neighborhood that officers could search it without exigent circumstances of a warrant from a magistate. Our rights given to us in the BIll of Rights are things that should be taken very seriously and should never be tampered with.

  3. Marjory why should they be allowed to search it even if they do have legal grounds for it? Why do they deserve this power, to justify their breaking and entering intrusive behavior?