Friday, May 7, 2010

5 interesting facts

In the past 5  years Opium production has gone up 50% in many places of Afghanistan

In 2001 the opium production in Afghanistan was about 100 tons, and from that point it started to skyrocket.

Afghanistan produces more than 90% of the worlds Opium.

Now Opium addiction is estimated at an astonishing 1.4 million people.

A lot of the farmers that are producing the opium are not actually affiliated with the Taliban or other terrorist organizations. They are just ordinary people that have to plant this in order to survive.


  1. This post is interesting because i did not know that Afghanistan produces 90% of the worlds oil, i always thought CHina did. Also do most of the people planting Opium do it just for the money, or is it for other reasons as well. Do you think they feel guilty planting something that is illegal even if it makes them economically better off?

  2. wow. I had no idea Afghanistan had such a big part in the Opium trade. Its crazy that the economy has gotten so horrible that even farmers have to do things illegally just to make money.

  3. I'm shocked by this research as well. Im curious to know if the Afghani people are selling to eachother, or exporting their resources? If so, is it legal to export opium? How do we track such statistics? Some things to ponder.