Thursday, May 6, 2010

theeeee five interesting facts

  • Stetson University students spend a day wearing a veil to feel the perspective of those women. A professor, Khadher said, "They were ignored, despite the visibility of the veil itself, they became invisible for most people. Some students talked about their closet friends who would look at them and not see them, would not know who they are."
  • During International Women's Day, a Muslim woman named Fakhraie explains her feelings about the stereotypes in our community. One thing that irritates her the most is how the image used to represent Islam or Muslim people, is always a lady wrapped in a veil. She concludes from this that nobody will ever be curious about the background of the woman, their personality or where they come from.
  • A Muslim woman in France was given a few hundred dollar ticket for wearing a veil on her head. The officer said it limits her vision of the road and can cause a sudden accident. This is a valid reason, because veils are banned in France. 
  • After the ban of veils in France, the government was afraid that their country would become a target for terrorists. Sarkozy tried to make the ban of veils as nice as possible by clarifying that nobody should be "stigmatised."
  • Turkey also lifted the ban of veils but in a more milder way. They allow the Muslim women to wear hijabs but not in open public programs. For example, young girls must remove their hijab when entering a university, but they can put it on again. 
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