Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Uncle Yo

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My Uncle Yo passed away last weekend. He was very important to me and I will miss him. He was a Japanese American that was interned during WW11. He then went on to fight for the US in the Korean War. After the war he went to work at the Berkeley/Livermore Lab at UC Berkeley where he was a mechanical designer. Although at the time he did not know it, he worked for years on developing the nuclear bomb that eventually was dropped on Japan. I find his life and career very ironic. He was a part of history in many ways.


  1. Hey sorry about your uncle. Its horrible that the government sort of manipulated him to help create the nuclear bomb. The fact that they didnt tell him what his research or whatever was for is crazy.

  2. To think that he was in an internment camp in Japan, and then led to the creation of the bomb that killed thousands instantaneously in his home country is terrible. America should be much better about how they react to wars with other countries. I think this relate to some of your other posts because if the Arizona Law passes, it would give the government way too much authority to racially profile, just as they did in the internment camps.

  3. That is a truly touching and ironic story. Im curious to know how they got him to work on the bomb, without him knowing that he was contributing research towards its development? How did they do this without his own knowledge? Did he ever tell you what it was like when he finally saw 'his creation' (in some contributive, ignorant sense) being utilized for destruction?