Thursday, May 20, 2010

South Korea promises "stern action" against North Korea

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South Korea has confirmed that it was a North Korea torpedo that sank the South Korean naval warship back in March. The ambush killed 46 South Korean sailors. It has taken until now to prove that it was indeed a North Korean torpedo. It was a multi-national investigation. The President of South Korea, Lee Myug-bak, vowed "stern action" against the North. The North claimed the investigation results were fabricated and that any retailiation would trigger war.

The US called the sinking of the South Korean naval ship an unacceptable act of aggression. US and South Korean officials are considering their retailatory options.

SF Chronicle/AP 5/20/10


  1. I think that even though this was an international investigation, America might want to look into doing its own investigation before becoming involved in what seems like an innevitable war between north and south korea. Perhaps physical retaliation is not what South Korea should do, but maybe a economic sanction or some other means of getting the message across to NOrth Korea that they should be very careful about messing with South Korea.

  2. I don't like economic sanctions because it hurts our economy too. Its like telling your people that they arent allowed to trade with an entire nation. Thats cruel and unfair regulation.