Thursday, May 6, 2010

Learning Five New Facts on Oil

1. Oil takes over the world, it is in such high demand, that people obsess over it. It is crazy what people or Saudi Princes will do for oil.

2. People in the oil rich countries are very very poor and have nothing. This is because the people in the government do not care about the people, they only care about themselves becoming rich and their country for being known for having lots of oil.

3. The issue of oil is destroying the world, and increasing global warming. If oil was never discovered we would not die, we would just live MUCH simpler lives, which may not be a bad thing.

4. America makes a lot of oil, but none of it is sold because we need so much that we use all of it and then we have to buy it from other oil rich countries. We need a lot of oil due to the way americans live.

5. In oil rich countries, the poor people do not get an education and if they need a job, either working for oil or not they must be hard working because if they ask for anything complicated then they will be fired and there are people everywhere looking for a job. Just like in the Industrial revolution, when the factories were just being discovered and people begged for jobs. Also the Oil industry is a capitalism industry not a labor intensive so they do not need as many workers as something like farming or searching and making diamonds.


  1. Our lifestyle has created our dependency on oil. It is now up to us to find alternative sources of energy. Safe energy. Is there a chance that the problems in the oil rich nations are due to religious beliefs and not oil?

  2. Maybe you are correct about the religious beliefs thought, Cal. I say this, because a lot of the oil comes from the middle east. The middle east has a lot of feuds over governments, and there is even wars going on because of religion. These wars cause a bad economy, and therefore more people are poor.

  3. Agustin you are correct, but also there is a significant imbalance of wealth in the regions. A few people have a huge majority of the money, while the rest eat scraps to survive. In oil rich countries, the workers arent making very much, but the higher up members of the company and governments who sell to countries like the United States, are making a killing.