Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This year in MWH

This year in MWH I increased my researching skills by a ton. When asked to research something now I can easily do it without a problem. I believe that the blogs helped a ton when it came to research, because they asked for us to do research. It was a fun way of researching. At the end of the semester when we were asked to write a research essay I felt a lot more comfortable than when I was asked to do this for the first semester. It is really obvious that my research skills have improved because I did better on the second essay. The research paper also didn't seem to take for ever to write, the way it does in most cases. This is a really good skill that will help me in the future for US history, and it also may help for other classes.

Blog comment to Kaitlin

Kaitlin: Also do most of the people planting Opium do it just for the money, or is it for other reasons as well
Answer : No, the farmers don't do it as much for the money as one might believe. The amount of money that these farmers get is very small. The middle men who sell the Opium in Europe and the US as heroin, are the ones that end up getting most of the money from the Opium. The Afghanistan Farmers only get enough money to feed their families. It is really sad that they have to plant such a harmful drug just to feed their families. Another reason for them planting this drug is that many of the farmers use the money to pay for the education of their children. Without the help of the Opium, the children will most likely end up in the cycle of Opium cultivation. So once again, the answer is no.

What i have learned this year

I think the most interesting thing that i learned this year was about World War I. I remember asking my parents a couple years ago how that war started and they had no idea. After looking into it myself, i learned that the only war not represented in the National Mall is World War I. I think that just because we entered the war late, does not mean that we should not pay tribute to the thousands of soldiers that lost their lives. It was a terrible war, not just for Europe but for the whole world. It was a one of the first wars of attrition and for that reason i think that it should be one of the most well known wars. Everyone seems to pay much more attention to World War II because of AMerica's role in it, but i think that people should learn more about WWI. It was intersting to learn how with just one assasination, all of Europe was involved with a 5 year war that led to the lost generation in many countries. Italy switched sides last minute from the central powers to the allies, something that i think shows their disloyalty to allies. Many terrible things happened in WWI, including a small pox epidemic in America.