Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This year in MWH

This year in MWH I increased my researching skills by a ton. When asked to research something now I can easily do it without a problem. I believe that the blogs helped a ton when it came to research, because they asked for us to do research. It was a fun way of researching. At the end of the semester when we were asked to write a research essay I felt a lot more comfortable than when I was asked to do this for the first semester. It is really obvious that my research skills have improved because I did better on the second essay. The research paper also didn't seem to take for ever to write, the way it does in most cases. This is a really good skill that will help me in the future for US history, and it also may help for other classes.


  1. I agree. However, I think that most of what we learned wasn't necessarily taught to us, but rather we picked it up as we experienced the process of research firsthand. During our first and second semester projects, we had to create an organized, cohesive argument based on the information we could gather from the world around us, and by doing so we learned new research skills and mastered old ones.

  2. I agree with you and Cy that we did learn a new research skill. I think that the work we did in class gave us a framework for our knowledge, but the time we spent out of class shaped our own ideas and helped us think of our stance on the issue. We were also able to fill in the facts and create an analysis based on everything we have learned, studied, and thought.